Niña Bonita ~ Organic Spanish Sangria

Niña Bonita ~ Organic Spanish Sangria

Made with Organically Grown Grapes

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  • 60 % Organic Certified Organic Red Wine
  • 20 % Organic Certified Organic Red Grape Juice
  • 15 % Organic Certified Organic Red Grape Juice
  • 2.5 % Organic Certified Organic Orange Juice
  • 2.5 % Organic Certified Organic Lemon Juice
Analytical Data:
Alcohol 8 % by Vol.
Serve at:
Serve over ice, 42-45°F
1-85554 00020-8
Wine type:
Organic Wine Vegan Wine Organic Dessert Wine Organic Red Wine ,
Tasting Notes:
Color: Dark Cherry

Taste: Fruity, well balanced, notes of orange and
lemon flavors.

Bouquet: Semi sweet, intense fruity aroma Sangria can be served chilled, over ice and with fruit slices apple, orange, pineapple, peach, etc).
Ideal accompaniment: appetizer, barbecue, buffet and any festive holiday setting

Only Indigenous Yeasts used. Suitable for Vegans.
Wine made from USDA National Organic Program Certified Grapes. Certified by ECOCERT – Spain.
To create our Niña Bonita Organic Sangria we have used the latest technologies applied to the elaboration and stabilization of wines and must. We use wine from top quality grapes, the same grapes used to make our award-winning young organic wines.

To make conventional sangria often second class wines are used. In most cases artificial aromas and sweeteners are used to sweeten the concentrated musts. Niña Bonita Organic Sangria is made with wine from certified organic grapes and fruits.

As coloring and sweetening products we use the concentrated must of our Spanish Tempranillo and white grapes, both from organic production.

To obtain one of the most important ingredients, the must, we extract the water from the wine. We use the latest technology available as an alternative to evaporation by heat. With this advanced, costly technology, the concentrate we obtain is able to maintain all of its natural aromas.

Regarding the fruit needed to elaborate the sangria we use orange and lemon juice from organic production which is also certified according the USDA NOP standards.

Another fact to point out is that in the stabilization and clarification of our sangria we use a tengent filter. This filter allows us to filter without a previous clarification and without adding clarifying agents to the wine.

We offer our Niña Bonita Organic Sangria in 75cl bottles rather than the typical 1 liter container to distance ourselves from other low price sangria products. Even though we share the same name, Niña Bonita requires a much stricter hygiene and control process than conventional sangrias. Our organic sangria cannot use any preservatives and is also controlled by strict organic standards regulating the maximum amount of sulfites allowed in the product to be certified as organic.

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