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The Winery
The Winery and Cellars

The buildings housing the winery and cellars were built between 1916 and 1929. They have been declared Cultural Heritage sites by the Valencian Government. Sensitive restoration and redevelopment of the buildings began in 1997, incorporating the latest winemaking technology without altering the original architectural lines.

The Winery

The building occupied by the winery was purpose-designed in 1915 by the engineer Janini, one-time director of the Requena Enology and Viticulture Station. The building was erected in 1916.

The building is supported by load-bearing walls in stone masonry, with a pitched roof in lath and plaster covered by Moorish tiles, supported on cast iron trusses and Aleppo pine (Pinus halepensis) rafters. The walls are tiled up to a height of around two metres. The underground vats are made from plastered adobe brick and the vault is made from the same material. Their capacities range from 6000 to 65,000 litres. The winery has a racking tunnel through which the vats are emptied with, in the centre, a larger space housing the press. The maceration vats each have two cocks to facilitate racking and a hatch for removing the skins. The building is flanked by two side-aisles housing the laboratory and grape marc tanks. The winemaking and storage capacity of the winery is designed to be 800,000 litres.

The building was redeveloped using, as far as possible, materials identical to the originals. For example, the roof was partially replaced using old Moorish tiles and Aleppo pine rafters from demolition sites, with a lath and plaster support for the tiles.


When the building was redeveloped, the functions of some areas were reorganised, with the unloading bay for grapes taking the place formerly occupied by the marc tanks, and the old doors in front of each maceration vat through which the grapes used to be delivered being converted into large windows, while retaining the original openings to preserve the lines of the building.

Today, the entire system for receiving grapes (hopper, destemmer, ducting, etc) is stainless steel. The original vats are still used because of their excellent properties for producing fine wines, their thermal qualities stemming from their underground location, and their facility for de-vatting and racking. In 2003, two 11,000 litre refrigerated stainless steel vats were installed. At the same time, cooling equipment was installed to allow the fermentation temperature throughout the winery to be controlled.


Ageing Cellars

The ageing cellars are situated in the basement of an old flour mill built in the modernista style in 1928 by Don Enrique Iranzo Pérez, the grandfather of the present owners.
This 4-floor building with side-aisles has load-bearing walls in stone and mortar masonry. The hipped roof, covered in Moorish tiles, is supported on Spanish-style trusses in melix pine. The floors and ceilings of all the floors are clad in Flemish shingles and the windows are composed of small panes with melix pine glazing bars.

The building has been adapted to accommodate not only the ageing cellars but also storerooms for finished products and ancillary materials, a tasting room and shop, and an exhibition of objects and documents passed down through the Iranzo family, tracing the family’s history since the 17th century and recording some of the history of the district in which the estate is situated.

The modernisation of the building has been carried out without altering the original architectural design and retaining some of the original mill machinery, making it possible to visualise the building as it was originally designed. The roof was restored using wood from wine fermentation vats from the early 20th century, which gives it a remarkable reddish appearance that perfectly matches the building’s new use.

The ageing cellars proper occupy the semi-basement, which due to its northerly aspect, the thickness of its walls and the fact that they is partly underground, provide the perfect temperature and humidity conditions for ageing wines. The cellars have over 100 Bordeaux barrels of new American oak.

The former granary and dovehouse have been adapted as offices.

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